At last...patients with dysphagia and their families can resume a normal lifestyle and enjoy peace of mind, often without restricted diets or feeding tubes


The new focus of dysphagia diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation is restoration of swallowing physiology and function. The DASI™ Dysphagia Management System integrates advanced technology and innovative plasticity-based treatment strategies into powerful rehabilitative tools that enable the recovery of swallowing function.

The DASI™ Dysphagia Management System offers visualization and training software applications that integrate physical exercises, sensory stimulations, and feedback to promote the rehabilitation of individuals with swallowing impairments.

The DASI™ Dysphagia Management System is a unique technology, therapy, and product that harnesses the brain's plasticity, or capacity to restructure and remediate the loss of function (in this case, swallow function), caused by trauma, disease, or aging. DASI uses the proven and time-tested principles of visible and audible biofeedback to enable people with dysphagia to learn to swallow again.

restore the swallow
renew the person